Own and Share NFTs Social Platform Web3.0 Dapp ‘Boom’

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Boom Enables NFT Display in Its App, a decentralised metaverse social network. NFTs could be owned and shared through the Social Platform.

While the latest news and information about cryptocurrency & NFT projects are better known through Web 2.0 social media companies such as Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. There aren’t any decentralised social platforms available in the market that allows users to own the NFT while being able to display their NFT or Token assets on the social platforms.

The cryptocurrency market is shifting towards a decentralised development of the internet which we called “Web 3.0”. Whereby. In simple terms, it is the idea of implementing the world wide web based on underlying blockchain technology which emphasises on decentralisation and tokenomics which most of the Web 2.0 companies were lacking. Web 3.0 concept can be very crucial towards social platforms as it enhances the authenticity of certain NFT assets or tokens that Crypto or NFT Influencer has, which lead to an introduction of a decentralised social platform which was called “Boom”.

Boom, a decentralised crypto community social platform just announced that users and NFT creators are allowed to display their NFT in Boom’s app and platform. While most NFT mobile wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase, and Rainbow allow you to display your NFT, there aren’t any social platforms that allow you to display your NFT on social platforms while testing the authenticity of the NFT for the public to see. With this update, it can be seen that this is an important update towards NFT creators and Web 3.0 development.

What is more interesting about Boom is that there are numerous user-friendly functions for NFT creators and users. Coming up with the most important features is that users are able to become a NFT Creator or KOL (Key Opinion Leader) by themselves. Users and creators can create their own channel to share their insights and thoughts about the current NFT or Cryptocurrency market situation while being able to choose as a paid or free channel for viewers to see. Also, while sharing their thoughts and opinions about a specific project, they could display their NFT and Token to give the authenticity of them owning the token with blockchain technology. In addition, Boom also accepts USDT (Tether) and Ethereum Token (ERC20) in their app, allowing users to receive, transfer and withdraw tokens with complete control of their token or NFT assets all the time.

Other than that, users are able to browse through the latest news and trending posts created by creators on the platform. On the platform, trending posts are based on the most comments posted within 24 hours, and users are also to select posts from different following creators. While the users enjoy the content produced by the creators, they are able to pay a tip, subscription fees through crypto tokens or NFTs.

With all these unique features offered by Boom, the platform aims to create a social space for the community and users to share their knowledge regarding cryptocurrency. By doing so increases the collaboration between communities and generates new crypto ideas. All the features that Boom is creating align with their vision and goal towards a decentralized metaverse socialfi platform whereby users and creators are the key centric of this D’app.

Future Direction for Boom

As there are more adaptations towards Social Fi D’apps and NFTs, it can be seen that there are unlimited possibilities towards the platform Boom. With the goal and vision of creating more benefits for users and creators, Boom will be implementing lots of updated features in the coming months.

Coming up with their recent initiative, Boom has recently launched a $1million Boom creator fund which acts as support towards Boom contributors. Creators or KOL that match the criteria of the campaign are able to share the fund while receiving other support such as marketing support, Influencer NFT reward, partnership signature fee, and display Influencer’s page on Boom website. With all these benefits creators are able to build up their following and enjoy Boom’s benefit at the same time. Within the 2 week launch of Boom, there are already more than 2,000 active users in the platform and also having influencers such as Crypto Stack, Crypto Gems, Winkcrypto, and more participating in the KOL100 campaign.

In their coming month’s roadmap there are more features coming up which include Multi-Chain Wallet, Create to Earn, Decentralised Data and Storage, Ranking System, Airdrop, Connect with Web 2.0 Media, and many more. Coming with all these important updates, Boom is way ahead of developing a social and NFT revolution platform that will form an important structure in the upcoming metaverse.

About Boom

Boom was registered in Miami, Florida. The company was founded by a group of cyberpunk enthusiasts spreading across the United States, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. The founding members of Boom have different backgrounds but came together voluntarily out of common interest and vision.

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