Web2 & Web3 Bridge Steve Aoki Metaverse Play | Free NFT Drop 7th-11th February 2022

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Steve Aoki’s new metaverse, A0K1VERSE. The Dim Mak label founder, DJ, and producer Steve Aoki has launched a membership platform and metaverse, A0K1VERSE. The launch follows on from the EDM icon’s ‘Dream Catcher’ NFT venture back in March 2021, which brought him over $4 million.

Dubbed as a ‘tokenised social club,’ A0K1VERSE is said to be a new ecosystem which bridges real life experiences with Web2 and Web3 through creating exciting experiences and rewarding NFT collectors. Through purchasing a ‘Passport’ token to gain membership, A0K1VERSE users will have access to experiences across six tiers, all of which differing in exclusivity and prestige.

The experiences include early access to future Aoki and partner NFT releases, metaversal and physical private events, free tickets to Aoki concerts, free apparel and digital wearables, and exclusive access to brand collaborations.

‘Passports’ are obtained through redeeming various amounts of ‘A0K1 Credits,’ an ERC-1155 NFT which Aoki coins as the ‘core building blocks’ to the A0K1VERSE.  There is a total supply cap of 50,000 of them, with existing Aoki NFT holders being able to claim 5,000 for free between February 7th-11th, whilst holders of NFTs from various partner projects will be given access to a presale which takes place between February 12th-14th. A reserved amount of A0K1 Credits will then be made available to all via a public sale on February 15th.

‘The Passport,’ which was developed in partnership with NFT platform Manifold, is a revolutionary NFT that dynamically evolves over time. As users engage in activities across the A0K1VERSE, their Passport will be updated (i.e. stamped), to showcase their participation and achievements. Through redeeming A0K1 Credits, Passports can also be upgraded for users to obtain a greater reward tier.

There has been no word from the superstar DJ regarding the official launch date of A0K1VERSE, so make sure to stay tuned on the platform’s official website and Twitter, to ensure that you don’t miss a single thing!

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