New Nebula Metaverse Ecosystem – Ownership in Nebula for NFT Holders

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Web3 is transforming the world we live in and most importantly, how corporations and creators interact with each other. The Nebula platform is at the forefront of Web3 innovation with a vision of creating a new world for creators by integrating the platform into the metaverse.


The first Nebula collection will serve as a gateway to building an entire ecosystem for not only artists and musicians, but also blockchain education and utility in future gaming and entertainment applications. The artworks in the NFT collection are inspired by existential conundrums, time, and space.

The Nebula-1 Pioneers Collection

Nebula’s Web3 mission initiates with the launch of the Nebula-1 Pioneers NFT project, a storytelling, artistic NFT collection consisting of 10,000 curious Pioneers. Despite a lust for exploring the marvels of the universe being shared amongst all, each Pioneer is possessed with a unique assortment of 290+ traits to make them completely distinguishable from one another.

The Pioneers also appear in 11 different types, all of which have their own rarity, backstory, and function within the mission, ensuring a high level of individuality and separateness between each NFT, whilst also increasing the value of the collection as a whole. Each Pioneer type will be released on a different date, some of the roles include Astrologer, Bilogist, Defender, Engineer, and more. What will you role be aboard the Nebula-1 ship?

The first minting phase is live now, with each Pioneer NFT available for 0.07 ETH. Once the collection is sold out, RaritySniper will be activated and the ranking listing complete. All future collections will also be up on RaritySniper.

Utilities for NFT Holders

The NFTs are not only about artistic magnificence, but are also integrated into a corporate business model which helps facilitate Nebula’s lift-off into Web3 consummation. The model involves Nebula NFT holders essentially becoming shareholders in the company through their ownership.

Their NFT holdings grant them voting rights on matters regarding community events, social causes, future investments, certain decisions on the company’s NebuLabs concept, and the general direction of the company.

The model works off a points system where the size of each holder’s democratic voice will depend on the rarity and amount of NFTs they hold, with a maximum of 10 NFTs per wallet in order to avoid bias to big investors.

On the Road to Web3

Nebula’s multi-faceted approach to becoming a fully-fledged Web3 company includes conducting philanthropic activities through its community Wallet, NebuCollect. The company plans to fulfill its community and sustainability-focused goals by making reinvestments back into the ecosystem that are worth a collective amount of 100 ETH.

The reinvestments will include several purchases of community artist NFT artworks, the hosting of an ETH giveaway, and a marketing initiative which will award community members with free merchandise. Nebula have also set up a YouTube channel which introduces each of its founders to the community, reinforcing the fully-doxxed ethos of the company and its full-time team based in South Africa.

Finally, the company plans to build an in-house auction platform for community artists, working with talented authors to tokenize their works, and expand its team of accomplished digital economy builders.

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