Best Retro Gaming Coin ‘Jam’ Launching 21th February 2022 | Play to Earn for Sandbox (SAND) Tokens

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“Retrogaming Game Jam”

This new Game Jam will launch on the 21st of February!

The Retrogaming Game Jam

The Prizes

  • 1st place: 20,000 $SAND.
  • 2nd place: 15,000 $SAND.
  • 3rd place: 8,000 $SAND.
  • 4th to 10th place: 1,000 $SAND each.

The Important Dates

  • The Game Jam begins on February 22nd, 2022.
  • The deadline to complete and submit your entry is the 28th February 2022, at 11:59pm UTC.
  • Submissions will be gathered from: 28th February till 13th March.
  • The voting will take place between the 14th and 20th March 2022.
  • The results will be announced on the 26th March 2022.

The NESessary Rules

  • Your entry must be designed in the Game Maker software.
  • Your entry must have retro elements in it.
  • Your entry can include assets you’ve created yourself.
  • Your entry cannot include more than 50 custom assets.
  • Your entry must have some playability (quests, missions you name it).
  • Your entry must be unique and not a direct copy of any existing experiences. (similarities are fine, exact copies are not!)
  • Spamming the gallery with a number of low quality experiences just to try and fit into the 4th-10th places may result in all your entries being disqualified.
  • Not completing the submission steps correctly (see below) may result in your entry being ineligible.
  • The judging will be done by The Sandbox’s staff.

Submitting Your Entry

Game Jam FAQ

Who can join the Game Jam?

Are teams or studios allowed?

Can we use custom ASSETs in our Game Jam entries?

Where can I get the Game Maker and/or VoxEdit from?

Where can I find guides for the Game Maker and VoxEdit software?

Via this site