Victoria’s Secret USA Serves Online Metaverse Trademark | Virtual Reality NFT Shopping Experience

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The renowned designer lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has filed patents suggesting it is ready to sell its products in the metaverse. The announcement was made by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, who said these actions might be the first step towards the company using blockchain technology to present its products.

Victoria’s Secret to Enter the Metaverse

Another big fashion company is turning its eyes to the opportunity that the metaverse and the use of NFTs present to businesses. Victoria’s Secret, the world-famous lingerie company, has reportedly taken first steps toward offering services and products related to its brand in the metaverse. As reported by Mike Kondoudis, a trademark attorney, the company filed three trademark applications related to the use of the brand in virtual worlds.

One of the trademark applications registers the use of Victoria’s Secret brand in:


Downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programs for the creation and trade of digital collectibles using blockchain-based consensus protocols and smart contracts, featuring information, photos, images, videos, recorded footage, highlights, and experiences in the field of fashion, clothing, fashion accessories, and style.


This means the company may have the intention of offering its designs as NFTs on different platforms in the metaverse.

Fashion and Business in the Metaverse

More and more brands are now looking into metaverse opportunities and how to take their goods and services there. Other fashion and apparel companies like Ralph Lauren and Gucci are also actively targeting the metaverse as one of their important markets. Gucci has even purchased an undisclosed amount of land in Decentraland, a metaverse platform, to offer a virtual fashion experience for the users of that world.

Dolce and Gabbana is another of these fashion companies that has dipped its toes in the NFT and the metaverse pool. The brand sold an NFT collection back in September, pulling down $5.7 million worth of ether at the time.


Other companies not linked to fashion products are also getting into the metaverse. Just last week, McDonald’s, one of the leading fast-food franchises at a global level, registered ten trademarks that hint at the establishment of virtual restaurants to offer its products in the metaverse.

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