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The best automated trading bot for passive income. Sounds great, doesn’t it? We review The Plan in detail. With this article, you will learn the truth about The Plan, including the potential risks, the critical missing piece, and how to achieve results using this unique method. We will show you platforms and exchanges where you can use The Plan, such as Binance, Kraken, and others.

To achieve financial freedom and become rich by doing nothing, isn’t that what we all want? You can earn passive income through training instead of gambling or buying tokens on exchanges, for example.

Never having to work again. Whether you live in the US, Asia, or Australia, the automated trading bot can work for you. Just let the Crypto Bot do all the work for you. Let the Crypto Bot handle everything.

The role of the founder of ‘The Plan’, Dan Hollings, will also be discussed. We will discuss his role and why this training is so unique. This industry is growing rapidly, and you can be part of it in a way that makes you feel secure and makes you money at the same time.

What is The Plan?

The Plan

The Plan is the new Cryptocurrency course that approaches traditional Crypto trading in a whole different way. Dan was trying to figure out how crypto could benefit him, and he finally cracked the code. He figured out how to make money whether the market went up or down.

The interesting thing about trading with cryptocurrencies is that the market goes sideways eighty percent of the time. Eighty percent of the time, everybody else is sitting around tooling their thumbs, hoping it moves one way or another. The market wiggles a little bit, but it’s pretty much going sideways. That’s when with this method, you make most of the money when everybody else is bored to death. And as it starts going up, you make more than they do, and if it goes down, you might lose sometimes, but you always lose less money than they do.

How Did The Bitcoin Follow The Stock-to-flow Model So Far?

Let’s look at this thing bitcoin started back in 2009. Bitcoin followed this stock-to-flow model perfectly from the very beginning.

stock-to-flow prediction model
S2F prediction model by the author PlanB

It peaked at about one thousand back in 2014 and in 2017 at 20 000. So Bitcoin was sixty thousand dollars not too long ago, and if it continues to follow the stock-to-flow line, it will be valued at a hundred thousand by the end of this year. And if this continues to be as predictive and accurate as it has been, then by 2025, we should be at a million-dollar Bitcoin. Who doesn’t want to be on this train?

Does The Plan Depend On Crypto Going Up?

How I make my money with the Plan, do not depend on crypto going up to underscore something vital. If everything just stayed right where it just went sideways for the next ten years, that’d be fine. I would still be making some money.

The Main Strategy Of This Crypto Course

The Plan depends on the software that does the work for you. I want you to pretend for a moment so you would better understand how this trading masterpiece works. You’re a spider that wants to catch a fly that is wiggling around and flying through the air. So how would you catch it? You’d cast a web, and that’s what the software is doing here. It will launch the web called a grid range which consists of a bunch of lines. I’m only showing eight here, but there could be 100, 120, 140 lines in reality.

how the software works

The software sets up red lines that are called open sell orders. If price trips across a red line, it’s going to sell a little bit of our crypto. We also set up open buy orders, and if price trips across one of those green lines, it will sell a little bit of our crypto.

Now our web or grid system is set up. The price wiggles down and hits a green line, where we buy a little bit of crypto. Then it wiggles on up and hits a red line, where sell a tiny little bit of crypto. We’re talking about tiny amounts of crypto (maybe $20, $25, 30 bucks worth of crypto), but there are so many transactions that you will always get the best average price depending on the dollar cost average (DCA). So the price is typically better than everybody else who is just guessing.

The software is smart enough to know it turns the green line into a red line because it wants to be ready when it wiggles back up and hits the red line. So here it sells a little bit of, so you get another small profit. In reality, crypto wiggles a lot. The best thing is that you can buy a tiny bit of crypto to get the best average price.

Now some people are thinking that the exchange fees are going to eat up all your profits. But, in reality, every number Dan is showing in his webinar is net cash in the pocket.

Dan Hollings shows you how to set this up and manage the whole thing in the Plan crypto course. The setup process requires almost no time, as you could do this in five or ten minutes. Then you can check it maybe once a week and make a minor adjustment every once in a while. The whole business runs like spiral bubble gum machines that require almost no management.

What Are The 4 Phases Of The Plan?

The Plan crypto course will release in 4 phases, and the first is the phase that you get access to in this course. Then, later on, you’ll get a chance to buy additional ones. It’s essential to see the whole picture to understand where this crypto bus with Dan Hollings is going. Every single phase is a complete training, and in the first phase, you’ll take advantage of this Wiggle profits.

4 phases of The Plan explained

Phase two will show you how to take the profits you will earn from phase one and get mega returns on that in the decentralized part of crypto land.

Then we’re going to go into phase three, where Dan will show you how to huddle entire swaths of the crypto space or maybe just your favorite decentralized categories. Perhaps if you’re into sports, entertainment, or music, you can hold large segments of these categories. When he says hold, he’s doing a grand scale crypto rebalancing with shallow risk.

Then phase four will reevaluate these bots again. Even though Dan’s going deep in phase one, you’re going to love master-level strategies with these grids that’ll blow your mind. This optional phase is called Grid Bot Platinum, and it’s a stop on our tour.

The Plan will continue its comprehensive educational journey exploring high yield, low-risk strategies with DEFI, NFTs, and Crypto assets.

What To Expect In The Course? Insights From The Member’s Area

First of all, the Plan crypto course requires that you sign a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement as soon as you pay for it. You will get a hundred percent of your money back if you read the contract and you decide this isn’t for you.

In the agreement, Dan states that he’s not given you any financial or tax advice throughout the course. They don’t guarantee you that you’re going to replicate the returns you’ve seen of other people in training. Depending on where you live, you’re going to pay taxes. After signing the agreement, your purchase is non-refundable because the seats are almost as rare as Bitcoin.

inside the Plan members area

Next, you’re going to get access to the member’s area, where you will find “the getting started” pdf. It has all the steps necessary to get ready to get your capital positioned, get the exchanges connected to the software, and all that kind of stuff.

To help you get going, Dan Hollings wrote a book called “One coin. Two coin. What coin? Bitcoin”. It’s a book that’s for grown-ups, but we make crypto as easy as child play. This book helps you to get ready for the Plan in a fun but in-depth way.

Then there are six sessions, released once per week on the same day.

Dan also talks about the types of bot portfolios, how you’re putting your money into crypto, and how you’re allocating it. It’s a master class of money management on top of all of that because this is your money, and Dan wants to do something safe in the volatile Crypto space.

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

You will get everything in phase one for $2500. If that is a little hard for you, Dan also offers an instalment plan to pay a thousand dollars per month for three months.

Are There Other Requirements To Follow The System?

First, you have to invest in yourself, meaning you need to purchase the course. After that, you will need investment capital to start a bot.

Your investment capital is sitting in your exchange, and that’s just the money that will allow you to earn profits off the wiggle. As soon as you stop the bot, your investment capital is released, and it’s in your exchange. It does take $3 000 for it to run. It’s like a car – you got to have enough gas in the car to get it to the store. Three thousand is ideal, but anything more than that is excellent.

If you do the Plan, you’re going to need software. The team will point you to the right software once you join the course. Don’t try to outsmart yourself by thinking that all I got to do, is go on Google and type in “grid trading software.” Dan was lost for six months trying to get this darn software to spit out money.

The software is not the trick, yet the trick is in the formula. The software runs for around fifty dollars a month to run up to five bots. It costs $120 a month to run up to 15 bots, and you can upgrade or downgrade back and forth.

Dan will not teach you how to trade because you don’t need to be a trader. The software does all that for you. You’ll enter in settings, click a button, and that’s it.

Who Is Dan Hollings? Review Of The Trading Wizard

Dan Hollings is the crypto wizard behind the Plan course. He is also the guy that did the marketing behind the mega-hit movie The Secret. It happened a decade ago, and it seems like yesterday. The film took over the world eventually. It was a huge success, and they sold 300 million dollars worth of that stuff in the first year.

Dan Hollings

The idea of launching the Plan must be so good because it slipped out of the bag only about three or four months ago. It wasn’t Dan’s intention to share this in his original thoughts. But, within four months, it is now in 92 countries. The Plan works for anybody that wants it to work for them, and it doesn’t take much to get it going – no special skills and very little capital.

How Did He Start With The Crypto?

Dan Hollings had no interest in crypto back in 2017 when a good friend of his reached out and said: “Dan, you should get into crypto maybe.” Of course, he was not interested, but the friend kept bugging him. Then he finally bought some crypto to shut him up. Later on, he started looking at it, and every time he would look, it was worth more.

He started making small trades here and there, and pretty soon, he fooled himself into thinking he was a crypto expert because everything he did worked. In 2017 crypto and bitcoin it was going up for a different reason than today. Back then, it was what Dan called the theory of the greater fool. So you jump in and buy some bitcoin, and you hope a greater fool comes along to buy it from you and it just keeps going until you run out of fools.

He was the biggest fool of all because he thought that he was on top of the world. We entered into a period known as the crypto winter, and he kept trying and trying and trying, and he lost everything he had in crypto. Finally, he told everybody he was out of crypto, but he was still trying to figure it out in reality. He just felt like he could crack the code, and then suddenly, he turned off Youtube and stopped listening to those gazillion gurus out there. He started trying different ideas, and he was doing it during the worst market of all that crypto winter. Suddenly it started working, and he started making money.

It was coming in quickly, and it didn’t seem to matter if the market went up, down, or sideways. So Dan perfected and developed the system into this thing called the Plan. The system that now works in up markets and down markets, bull markets, and bear markets.

He selfishly decided that he wouldn’t share it because he taught people how to make money online for over a decade. So, he thought, why to bother creating a course, building websites, setting up email lists, and all that stuff. Why do that if I’m already making money? So that was his plan until Elaine called.

The Plan Goes From 1-on-1 Calls To Beta Groups And Now To The First Public Launch

How it all started.

Elaine is a fantastic entrepreneur, and they’ve been doing many projects together. She said that blockchain is the future, and she’s going to buy some bitcoin. Dan said that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she will lose everything. Finally, he softened and decided to show her how to do it right. After the week passed, she made more, and she called him to ask if she could share it with his good friend Daniel.

The Plan went around quickly, and soon, many more friends were making money. Dan decided to reach out to Jason and his partner from Rapid Crush Inc to test the market’s demand. They sent it to a small email list, and more people signed up to learn how to do this. Unfortunately, they ended up with too many people because Dan taught the strategy on the 1-on-1 calls.

They finally decided to do a course that helped lower the price, and then all of these people on the waiting list could learn how to do the Plan by going through the online course. The reason why dan did those one-on-ones at first was that this is how it played out in his mind. Dan had first taught his friends, and after that, the system went around by word of mouth.

Later on, Dan felt comfortable doing it with strangers, and they taught it in a course format through the beta groups. So Dan didn’t have to sit down to record the course, but instead, he went through the teaching in the live calls. Beta one version had only five slides but much more practical training. Through versions 2 and 3, they made some adjustments to streamline the process and teach something with phenomenal results. So, now we are here when Dan is ready to publish its first official release of the crypto course called the Plan.

Who Are Rapid Crush – Jason Fladlien And Wilson Mattos?

Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos from Rapid Crush inc.

Rapid Crush Inc is the Plan publisher so that Dan Hollings can do his genius stuff in the course. Moreover, they follow the Plan and are part of the course. They provide the infrastructure, the logistics, and the delivery of materials. Jason and Will, owners of Rapid Crush, love to see what people are excited about and want to give them exactly what they want.

Jason and Will believe that they have the very best support in the industry with an average response time of 21 minutes per ticket, and that’s over a 24/7/365 day time frame. It’s not just during business hours as it’s a 21 minute average response time. Additionally, they have a 99 satisfaction rating for their tickets which is even more phenomenal.

The number one thing people in the Plan want is Dan doing the research, so the Rapid Crush takes care of everything else.

The Performance Of Crypto And Where Is It Going?

The crypto market has been the best performing market in the last ten years. Bitcoin has beaten the pants off of every single thing I know.

Some of you are gold enthusiasts, and I understand why so. It’s a great store of value against the dollar because you think the dollar is getting weaker. Gold is excellent against inflation. However, gold has lost money if you held it for the last ten years, while bitcoin is 2000 better in performance than the next best-performing asset.

This article came out recently from the very person who created the stock-to-flow indicator. He’s been accurate for ten years, and he says that the worst-case scenario for 2021 is 135 000 bitcoin. You can learn more about that and stock-to-flow by clicking on this link.

Bitcoin is more scarce than gold. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in the future; why not have something that’s one of the rarest things on this planet? It’s already created over 60 000 millionaires.

If you were ever thinking of being involved in something that wins the race, it’s been winning the race for the last decade. Every minute of everyday bitcoin has outperformed every other asset known to man. It’s better than real estate, better than gold, better than commodities, and better than stocks.

Why You Should Support Cryptocurrencies?

It’s the first time we as people have something that is 100% fair. Cryptocurrencies are not something run by the government or a big company like Facebook. There aren’t any fat cats behind the scenes grabbing all the profits and leaving you with the pittance. It is you and the code. Anybody can buy bitcoin, and anybody can engage in these various protocols. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, your race or religion, or where you live. None of that matters because the code doesn’t care.

We will live in a blockchain future, and your kids will not know of anything other than that. It’s a good thing. Dan wants you to jump on the bus with him, and he will take you ahead into this future a little faster than everyone else. You’re going to end up in this blockchain world anyway.

Mastercard and Visa are already selling on the blockchain. All the big companies are starting to put bitcoin and other cryptos in their treasury. Why would they do that? Well, maybe it’s because of the dollar. It doesn’t matter which dollar you’re talking about, but the fiat currency that we’re so used to it’s been doing one thing for sure for the last 40 years. And that’s going down down down. I think it’s going to continue, but you’re going to see in a second that bitcoin and crypto have been doing the exact opposite, so this is great. The last thing you want to be is the man with no plan.

Case Studies Of The Plan Students

There’s a quote by Malcolm Forbes called: “The hardest work of all is doing nothing.” The quote identifies well with crypto and doing the Plan, as there is nothing to do. You will see what doing nothing did for the bank accounts of the Plan students.

In a live webinar, Dan will take you into live accounts and show you the results of the Plan. He has asked every person who paid him $10000 or more to show you their live account, and all agreed. You’re going to see something unique. I don’t think anyone else that teaches trading or investment or even how to make money online has the guts to show you the results of every single person that they’ve taught.

Here are the results and screenshots from the live training, although it’s better to hear it live so you get a complete explanation of the numbers.

case study 1

The first automation has been running for six days, and it’s made 726 dollars. The second one has been running for 12 days and made 92 dollars. And so it goes down the list. Finally, you can see the bot running for two months and seven days in the list, and it’s made 10904 dollars.

case study 2

The following person has $67000 invested, and they’ve made a $15900 – a 23% return. So the account is up by +1.88% at the moment.

case study 3

The third person has $17401 invested, and they have a twenty percent gain in two and a half months. He has three thousand dollars cash in their pocket, and their account is up by +16.6%.

The case studies in the live webinar go way into depth, but just by these screenshots, you feel where this is going.

How You Can Take Advantage Of This Trading System?

Let’s talk about how to wiggle your way to wealth. In the Plan crypto course, you will get to know the “grid buy advanced” wiggling. Then, you will get a plan, plus Dan will show you how to create your versions of bots.

Dan has done three betas and now is coming to the first official launch – which means that you’re going to get the best of the best. You’ll get the coin pair settings because we’re going to hand them to you. Then, Dan’s going to teach you how to find these wiggling coins on your own. Everything that’s inside the Plan is low risk.

You’re going to get extreme support. Thirty people answer your emails when they first come in. And they all know the Plan exceptionally well.

You’re going to set aside the knowledge acquired thus far. It’s good knowledge, but it doesn’t apply here in the Plan. We’re looking for wigglers and not the guessers of the speculative moon shots that everybody else is trying to guess. If you want to expand your knowledge, there will be other courses in the Plan members area.

Pros – What is good about it?

  • crypto is a hot topic
  • ultra-conservative way of trading
  • stable earnings and passive income

Cons – What is NOT good about it?

  • $2,500 is a significant investment. Especially if you are starting from scratch. Besides you need to invest around $3k in trading bots.

My Biggest Appeal To This Course – The Plan Review Conclusion

The most considerable appeal to me is the ultra ultra-conservative way of trading. We are not hunting for moon shots. You’re not seeing a seven thousand percent return. Some people do that in crypto – they gamble, and you know 99 people lose, and one person wins.

We’re not doing these influencer coins from some no-name guy who’s now making a cryptocurrency that has absolutely no utility and has no market cap.

If you’re on the Plan and you’re doing these bots, three things can happen. Every now, the value of the coin goes down, and you would lose less money if you sold it during that case because you’re buying and selling on the way down. If you lost money, you would lose a lot less money than everybody else.

Option number two is if the coin goes down and you decide to sell it. Which again, I don’t know why you would, but you could. You do whatever you want with it. The bot profit may offset the loss of the coin’s value, and you break even. Or, as they have seen, way more common than you would believe, the coin’s value drops down, but the bot has wiggled so much profit that you make a 20 return.

Not all bots always make money all the time – that’s ridiculous. There are plenty of times when they can make money while everybody else is losing, and that’s part of the conservative conservatism. The safe approach to risky business (trading with crypto) convinced me to give the Plan a try, and so far, it’s been remarkable!

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