Property Sales in Pixelverse Webbland Metaverse Growth 2022 | MMORPG vs. SANDBOX vs. AXIE?

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Sales of Webbland’s Metaverse jump by 126% with two penthouses selling for six figures. An “interoperable pixel metaverse” project called Webbland has seen weekly NFT sales spike by 126.24% while blockchain virtual worlds have seen significant demand.

The project recorded over $3.6 million in sales over the last seven days, and two Webbland penthouses made it into the top 15 most expensive NFT sales this week.

Worldwide Webbland NFT Sales Capture $3.6 Million in Volume Over the Last Week

During the last 12 months, metaverse properties have climbed in value as blockchain-based virtual world projects like Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Illuvium have seen significant demand. Metaverse land, apartments, penthouses, and mansions have been selling for anywhere between four to seven figures.

This week, Webbland, a project that calls itself an “interoperable pixel metaverse,” has seen $3.6 million in sales this week, up 126.24% since the week prior. Webbland has made it into the 33rd position in terms of seven-day sales during the last week, above Farmers World and just below Sheet Fighter.

The project Worldwide Webbland or Webbland is similar to The Sandbox and Decentraland, as it allows players to own land, equip with NFTs, complete quests, and explore. Webbland is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and players have in-game avatars and they can acquire land in the virtual world.

“Lands are in-game spaces owned and controlled by the respective NFT token holder and function as an integral part of the Worldwide Webb ecosystem,” the project’s website explains. During the last seven days out of the top 50 NFT projects, and besides the NFT projects Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis and 420 Game Green Pass, Webbland captured the third-highest percentage gains in terms of sales this week.

2 Webbland Penthouses Sell for Over $130K in Ethereum

According to statistics, 24 hours ago, Webbland’s Penthouse #9051 was the 14th most expensive NFT parcel sold. The Webbland virtual penthouse sold for 50 ethereum (ETH) or $139,848 at the time of settlement. 16 hours ago, Webbland’s Penthouse #9056 was the 15th most expensive NFT property sold this week. That particular penthouse in the Webbland metaverse sold for 48 ether or $131,830 at the time of settlement.

Metrics show that presently, there are 1,067 active Webbland wallets and on Opensea the project’s floor price is 1.7 ether or $4,464 and on Looksrare the lowest Webbland floor price is 1.1625 ether or roughly $3,052. In terms of property, the lowest sale this week was a medium-sized apartment #5586 for 2.89 ether or $7,989.

Meanwhile, the leading blockchain metaverse projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland have recorded higher sales this past week. The Sandbox saw $7.8 million in sales volume across 606 sales during the last seven days and the average sale was $13K. Decentraland recorded $4.3 million in sales last week across 284 transactions.

It seems like the trend of expensive virtual property sales will continue this year, as a myriad of metaverse properties are becoming more valuable than even physical real estate.

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