Gaming Platform Decentraland (MANA) Metaverse Developments into ’22 | New NFTs, Real Estate and Wearables

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Decentraland Manifesto


Having just finished the first month of 2022, it is obvious that the new year is going to be full of milestone events and growth within the metaverse. As a result, it makes sense to examine what lies ahead for the pioneering blockchain metaverse, Decentraland, whose 2022 Manifesto was recently released.

Plans and ambitions for the platform for the year are separated into five categories in the document. Here are the details of what each will include.

New Ways of Entering

A new Desktop Client for Windows, Linux and Mac is in the process of development. It will include a launcher that auto updates the build and enhances performance, and is said to offer a truly optimized experience through allowing a wider range of devices to interact with the platform.

A research collaboration for an experimental Virtual Reality Client is also ongoing, with work set to commence once the Desktop Client is released, and a Beta version expected to launch in the second half of the year.

Fans can also expect to soon be able to access the Decentraland metaverse right from their fingertips, as a prototype for a mobile app is in development. 

In-World Improvements 

The voice chat system, which is widely regarded as the best method of communication on the platform, is set for improvements in the realms of quality and control, as well as more research being dedicated to furthering the decentralization and scale of the friends and private chat system.

With moderation being a paramount topic in the metaverse, improvements are also being run to lower the barriers and friction between decisions made in the DAO by moderators and its effect on running code. 

Avatar Personalization 

Users will soon be able to show off their NFTs as Decentraland wearables! This is being made possible through a process being added in the DAO and its corresponding section in the ‘backpack’. New moves will also be available to Avatars via ‘NFT emotes,’ which will be accompanied by a better UI and shortcuts system to make them more accessible. 

Smart wearables will also be accepted on the DAO Wearables Approval flow, further allowing jet packs, sword fights, laser tags, or portable radios to be at your disposal wherever you are in the metaverse!

Protocol and SDK Enhancements 

In the past few months, the protocol has been enhanced and optimized, meaning developers can now focus more on the set of tools and libraries which build inside the world, A.K.A. the SDK. They are said to be working on a new, backwards-compatible version that features ‘out of the box network synchronization of entities,’ as well as better network performance and capabilities to enable a more fluid experience. 

Content Events and Activities 

Developers are working on an Incubation Program (with its first edition set for launch in March) to onboard more community curators, fund several initiatives, and be an ever-present call for new ideas.

In addition, and with the work from the Content R&D team who intend to consistently push the limits of the SDK, more events which will mimic the successes of the Times Square NYE celebration are expected to take place. In the immediate future, players can expect big things throughout February as the month marks the platform’s second birthday, and they can also begin preparing for a 4 Day immersive Fashion Week in March. 

The manifesto also reinforced the platform’s fundamental belief that ‘Can’t be Evil’ is a superior strategy to ‘Don’t be Evil,’ where its level of decentralization assures zero risk of a rug pull, and that people (and anyone) can continue to run their own servers, contribute to the platform’s open source code, and maintain complete ownership over their Ethereum-stored virtual belongings. 

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