Storing digital goods in Metaverse by MetaFabric | such as Wallets, NFTs, Avatars

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The Metaverse Identification NFTs have been launched by MetaFabric.

One of MetaFabric’s next-generation messaging services, Metaverse IDs, is now live.



A new wave of digital identity designed specifically for traversing the virtual realm.

The IDs will form the backbone of the MetaFabric platform and will allow users to link up all facets their digital persona. To achieve this, it takes the form of an NFT which represents a unique handle and web address. Users can then adorn this persona with a wide array of digital embellishments.

The idea, when fully launched, is to create a single hub for accessing and storing digital goods, such as wallets, NFTs, avatars and personal data, resulting in a quick and efficient access point to the metaverse where the information within belongs only to the owner.

The launch is taking place over two phases, the first of which is currently underway, in the guise of a Dutch auction. Prices start at $1000, and will reduce until it plateaus, with the eventual figure setting price for the second phase, a public sale. As user IDs are wholly unique however, the most sought-after names will be the first to go.

In order to participate, users must have an ETH wallet loaded with $FABRIC, the native token of the platform. Then head over to the MetaFabric website to mint the user ID. The fee paid however (excluding gas) will be burned by the MetaFabric team, and will consequently reduce the overall number of tokens in circulation.

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