Metaverse NFT Drop, Light Trail Adventures Game | Available at ‘The Sandbox Marketplace’

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NFT Drop by Light Trail Adventures

On January 15th, 3 PM UTC, a mecha collection of awesome monsters and buildings will be added to the Metaverse.

The Sandbox

Light Trail Adventures, the exploration game created by the Light Trail Rush team might be coming soon but we are excited to launch a special NFT drop featuring elements from their experience.

Discover the Dungeon Quest pack, a new collection of 8 NFTs from that are coming to The Sandbox marketplace on Saturday, January 15th at 3PM UTC.

Discover the 8 NFTs that will be on sale then:

The NFTs

Discover the 8 NFTs that will be on sale then:

  • Rhino Mecha: This former boxer has repeatedly modified his body to be a close combat master. You may choose to fight or ally with him, depending on your morals
  • Laying Queen: Appearing as though having emerged from the underworld. The Laying Queen’s hunger is matched by her aggression. The extraction cave is her residence.
  • Fighter Drone: Seemingly from a time long since past, these ancient bots keep watch of the treasures they protect. You’ll find these within the bowels of the dungeon.
  • Mimic Chest: Never trust the glitter of gold. Raiding goblins have tried before you, and few learnt that and survived.
  • Mimic Shrine: Man alone does not deceive on faith. This altar will judge your fate, and if you are unsure of your footing, it is best to keep your distance…
  • Altar of Memory: An old altar once dedicated to lost love. While ages old, it emanates tranquil, yet melancholy energy, leaving you at ease to rest and recover.
  • Mimic Statue: A very unsettling statue. It feels like it’s watching you… and there’s a violent aura that leaves you feeling like you should keep your distance…
  • Evil’s Den: A decrepit plant of a bygone age, now a hive for Skeletons to revel in terrible acts. Maybe one day, someone will put an end to their horrors. Maybe.


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